After 18 months of research and development, and working with a panel of hog producers, Tri-Form Poly Inc. has developed Ecodrum, a new alternative to animal mortality management. Ecodrum is a cost-effective composter designed to manage farm animal mortality in an environmentally sound way. The Ecodrum is a rotating, composting vessel in a mobile drum constructed of linear polyethylene and polyethylene foam. The vessel rotates on steel rollers on a steel skid operated by a variable-speed drive system. Paddles molded directly inside the drum are mounted with varying spacing to allow material to move at a maintained speed. As the drum rotates, the composting material is aerated and flows toward the discharge end of the vessel. The frame of the vessel is made of 3×6 in. steel tubing. Frame dimensions are about 24 ft. long by 42 in. wide. The Ecodrum rests on rubberized rollers and is powered by a ¾-hp, 110-volt, variable speed motor. Model 240 has a capacity of 366 cu. ft., a daily capacity of 370 lb. Model 360 has a capacity of 549 cu. ft., with a daily capacity of 570 lb. For more information, go to, in Canada, or JDL Longhorn in the United States,

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