New product is the first injectable source of vitamin B12 and phosphorus.

Bayer Animal Health has released Catosal (10% Butaphosphan+cyanocobalamin) Sterile Solution, the first and only injectable source of vitamin B12 and phosphorus for prevention or treatment of those nutritional deficiencies in cattle, swine, horses and poultry. Catosal provides an important adjunct therapy for animals that are convalescing or susceptible to behavioral or environmental stress. The onset of stress causes the hormone cortisol to be released into the bloodstream, which can impair an immune response, resulting in loss of appetite, increased susceptibility to disease and reduced growth rate. Catosal prevents and treats B12 or phosphorus deficiencies that are associated with delayed recovery. “Catosal is a great supportive therapy for sick animals and an excellent preventative care measure for healthy animals subjected to suppressed feed intakes or stress,” says Todd Firkins, livestock category manager for Bayer Animal Health. Catosal is available only by prescription from a veterinarian. “For years, Catosal has proven its efficacy worldwide,” says Jim Sears, senior technical services veterinarian for Bayer Animal Health. “Now, U.S. veterinarians will also have access to this important therapy for the prevention and treatment of phosphorus and vitamin B12 deficiencies.” For more information, call (800) 422-9874 or visit

Livestock Medicator

Dosatron International Inc. has introduced the DM11F medicator for the livestock market. The DM11F's patent-pending technology works unlike any other Dosatron, making it ideal for low flow, hard water and water treatment applications. Its superior performance in low-flow applications enables users to medicate animals as young as 1 day old; the maximum flow rate of 11 gal./min. allows animals to be treated as they grow. The DM11F uses a completely redesigned hydraulic motor that is piston-free, allowing the medicator to work in adverse environments or in cases of high mineral content in the water. The medicator also features a highly chemical-resistant housing that permits use of a wide range of chemicals. For more information, click on

Zero-Turn Mowers

Kubota offers the new ZD221 and ZD323 models to its growing line of zero-turn mowers. The ZD221 is the industry's first Kubota 21-hp. diesel mower in a compact zero-turn frame; the full-size ZD323 zero-turn mower operates at 23 hp. Both models provide professional cutting ability for a wide range of applications. The compact ZD221 accommodates either a 48-in. or 54-in. pro-commercial mower deck, while the larger ZD323 has a 60-in. pro-commercial mower deck. Both models feature hydrostatic transmissions, hydraulic PTO clutches and hands-free operation in a hydraulic deck lift and parking brake. Both mowers run on diesel, liquid-cooled engines. Learn more at or call (888) 458-2682.

Electric Fencing Systems

Zareba Systems has added four new low-profile electric fence controllers. The new models all feature Zareba Systems' patent-pending Lightning Guard built-in lightning protection. The AC-powered fence controllers — the Zareba A75LI and the Red Snap'r LI75 — provide containment or exclusion for all animals and livestock, including predators. They are ideal for use with all types of electric fence wire, including poly wire, rope and tape. Both models are UL-listed. The Zareba DC-powered B15LI provides similar application for most animals and livestock and also works with all types of electric fence, including poly wire, rope and tape. The Red Snap'r DC-powered LIB60C contains/keeps out all animals and livestock including predators. Both DC models operate on a 12-volt battery (not included). All Zareba fence controllers include digital timing for precise shock control; terminals designed for easy hookup and sound connections; choice of AC, DC or solar-powered options; fuseless design for enhanced surge protection; and a one-year warranty that includes lightning damage. For additional information, call Zareba customer service at (800) 272-9877 or click on

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