Cotran Corp. is offering a new captive bolt stun gun to the U.S. market. The Blitz bolt stunner features a 9mm blank cartridge, providing the highest-velocity bolt on the market. The Blitz delivers a powerful and effective shot in a single-stunning procedure. The nickel-plated Blitz is 13 in. long. Included in the durable, molded carrying case is one Blitz stun gun, 150 cartridges, cleaning supplies and replacement parts. Different-sized cartridges permit use on all sizes of farm animals as a humane stunning device to terminate sick or injured animals that cannot otherwise be saved. The Blitz features a one-year warranty and a three-cycle service program. For more information, call toll-free (800) 345-4449 or e-mail

Manure Separation System

XACT Systems has introduced a manure separation system for large hog farms. The high-efficiency, low-maintenance Centrisys Dewatering System has operated in municipal, food processing and industrial applications since 1987. Hog operations can use this same high-performance system to separate up to 80% of the solids in liquid hog manure. The liquid manure is separated within the enclosed centrifuge, with a minimal amount of odor released. Unlike typical separator effluent, the XACT dewatering system's separating process provides increased air in liquid effluent and degradation of accumulated solids in the lagoon, reducing odor and improving nutrient management. The dewatering system also reduces the phosphorus content of the liquid effluent, increasing application levels and reducing pumping and hauling costs. The heavy-duty system is mounted on a sturdy metal frame completely prewired and plumbed for fast installation. It features only four bearings and is rated for over 100,000 hours of operation. The liquid manure is pumped by a positive displacement pump to ensure a steady feed rate. For more information, call (613) 394-1922, ext. 304 or e-mail, or click on

Utility Work Machine

Bobcat Company has introduced the second model in the company's line of utility work machines. The Toolcat 5610 features a three-point hitch and power take off (PTO), in addition to the front lift arm, also available on the Toolcat 5600. The three-point hitch allows the use of a variety of implements. Producers with Category 1 three-point implements up to 1,775 lb. will be able to use them on the Toolcat 5610. The machine has available PTO for running implements on the rear of the machine. A hydraulically driven motor powers the 540 revolutions--per-minute PTO to drive implements such as grain augers, multiple-stage mowers, tillers, sprayers and snow blowers. On the rear of the machine, the Toolcat 5610 is also a compact loader and attachment carrier, with a lift arm rated operating capacity of 1,300 lb. The Bob-Tach mounting system on the lift arm permits operators to switch between attachments in less than a minute without additional tools or assistance. For more information, go to

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