The American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) has adopted a recommendation regarding the use of antibiotics in finishing and breeding herd diets, to comply with Japan’s Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs).

Japan established MRLs as food safety standards, which include all pork products. The MRLs will require longer withdrawal periods for certain veterinary products.

In a statement, AASV’s suggests:

  • Use the best science available to ensure compliance with market specifications.
  • If the animal health manufacturer hasn’t supplied specific withdrawal times for a product, the product will not be listed in the product/withdrawal database ( The AASV recommends not using unlisted product during the finisher phase or in breeding animals. This includes proprietary and generic products.
  • Follow the recommended product withdrawal times to meet the Japanese MRL requirement. Product withdrawal times are based on applying the product at the labeled dosage and route and duration of administration.
  • If a compound can be administered by multiple routes, simultaneously (i.e. feed and water), then the withdrawal time may need to be extended. Contacting the product manufacturer about appropriate withdrawal time to meet market expectations is recommended.
  • Follow appropriate administration techniques for location of injection site and volume of product within one injection site. Any change in location, administration, volume or labeled directions constitutes extra-label drug use for which there may not be specific withdrawal data.
  • Follow quality assurance procedures to prevent mistakes.