Ag Credit, a major agricultural lender in Ohio, has endorsed Issue 2, a voter referendum to create an Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board.

Ohioans will be asked on Nov. 3 to add a provision to the state Constitution, establishing an 11-member board, which would set standards for the care and well-being of livestock statewide.

“State standards for the treatment of livestock and poultry are good for Ohio’s farmers and good for Ohio’s consumers,” Ag Credit CEO Neil Jordan said.

The Ag Credit board of directors has donated $20,000 to Ohioans for Livestock Care. The endorsement adds to the support within the state’s agricultural industry for livestock regulation and oversight. Ag Credit finances farm businesses throughout 18 counties in Northwestern Ohio.

The Livestock Board would be directed to help “maintain food safety, encourage locally grown and raised food, and protect Ohio farms and families,” the ballot question says. It directs the board to consider factors that include biosecurity, disease prevention and animal mortality, as well as food safety, affordability and availability.

For more information about the board, visit Ohioans for Livestock Care or read the proposition.