The Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) has detected four “transitional” swine herds which have tested positive for pseudorabies (PRV). The herds were identified on farms in Saginaw, Gladwin and Cheboygan counties.

The MDA and USDA’s Veterinary Services continue to conduct circle testing and trace animals from PRV-associated facilities; 130 herds have tested negative and 21 herds are awaiting testing.

Currently, 34 facilities with “transitional shooting swine” are quarantined for routine testing. These game ranches may continue to shoot swine on their sites, but must have a veterinarian collect and submit blood from the swine for testing.

Also, game ranch owners have notified five swine suppliers that they must supply test-negative swine. Three suppliers have contacted MDA and requested testing. All five breeding operations have been quarantined and suppliers have been advised to only sell PRV test-negative swine.

USDA Wildlife Services is responsible for depopulation of PRV-positive transitional swine. So far, one facility in Gladwin County has been completely depopulated.

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