Whether you raise a few pigs for show or thousands to market commercially, you are part of the pork industry and play a vital role in maintaining its health.

That’s why the National Pork Board has developed the new 15-page booklet, “A Champion’s Guide to Youth Swine Exhibition: Biosecurity and Your Pig Project.”

“This booklet teaches good animal husbandry, addresses common swine diseases and stresses the importance of working with your veterinarian,” says Pam Zaabel, DVM, director of swine health information and research for the Pork Board. “It also helps young pork producers understand the value of good biosecurity.”

The pork checkoff and the American Association of Swine Veterinarians developed the booklet. It is available online at http://www.pork.org/PorkScience/SwineHealth/BY.pdf.

“Whether you’re involved in 4-H, FFA or the National Junior Swine Association, this booklet is filled with simple strategies that can help you prevent the transmission of disease and protect the health of your animals and other swine herds,” states Zaabel.