A new online resource has been launched to help pork producers and their veterinarians understand, manage and prevent problems due to porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), which has increased pig mortality and production losses around the globe.

The Web site, www.stopcircovirus.com, was created by Fort Dodge Animal Health, as a one-stop collection point for current information and management advice about porcine circovirus-associated disease (PCVAD).

“We are pleased to offer this valuable resource to the pork industry, as all of us contend with the effects of porcine circovirus,” comments Dan Ellsworth, senior product manager, Fort Dodge Animal Health. “The Web site contains a wealth of information about PCVAD and how it can be managed. Over time, we will add technical data, links and other information to help both veterinarians and pork producers.”

The site provides basic information about the virus, history of the disease, prevalence information, disease costs and clinical signs and diagnosis.

Management tips cover control measures, information to identify and control potential co-infections, stringent management protocols and effective vaccination programs. Technical resource materials are provided for more in-depth study.

Another section describes vaccination protocols using Suvaxyn PCV2 One Dose vaccine from Fort Dodge. The vaccine is labeled for use in pigs 4 weeks of age and older to aid in the prevention of PCV2 and control of lymphoid (immune system) depletion caused by PCV2.

Data approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggest Suvaxyn PCV2 One Dose provides four months of protection against PCVAD. The vaccine has also shown effectiveness in the face of high levels of maternal antibodies, according to other studies.

The Web site also includes links to primary PCVAD and pork industry experts and resources worldwide. Site visitors can contact an expert for a direct response to their questions.