Timely answers to questions about porcine circovirus-associated disease (PCVAD) are available by simply clicking on the pork checkoff's new PCVAD Web page.

“We're working with Dick Hesse, DVM, Kansas State University's (KSU) director of diagnostic virology and an expert on PCVAD, to provide practical information you can use,” reports Angela DeMirjyn, manager of science communications for the National Pork Board.

The pork checkoff has contracted with Hesse and KSU to provide monthly updates on new developments with PCVAD. The February 2008 posting, along with previous updates, is available at www.pork.org; click on PCVAD Updates.

At the site, you can also download the brochures, “A Producer's Guide to Managing PCVAD” and “PCV-Associated Disease: Take Steps to Protect Your Herd.”

“This February article is especially important, because it provides the baseline knowledge that will help you better understand other information that will be posted about PCVAD,” notes DeMirjyn.

Also on the site is information about related swine disease complexes that may impact control of PCVAD.

“PCVAD has been a critical issue in the swine industry; since 2006, the pork checkoff, with additional investment from the USDA, has invested over $1.1 million in research that will help producers better manage this disease,” says DeMirjyn. “The online resources offer a valuable tool to protect the health of the U.S. swine herd.”