PSC Elstow Research Farm Inc., a subsidiary company of Prairie Swine Centre Inc., based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, will close due to huge losses in the pork business.

The farm is comprised of a 600-sow, farrow-to-finish barn designed to support research work in a commercial-style setting. It opened in April 2000. Research will be shifted to facilities at the parent company, Prairie Swine Centre (PSC).

The barn and feedmill will cease operations within the next few months, giving staff and related companies time to help lessen the impact.

John Patience, president and CEO of the research farm and PSC, says while the decision to suspend operations was disappointing, the cost structure of the Canadian pork complex made the research farm unviable in the short-term.

In its place, a $2-million renovation of the original barns located at PSC, is set for completion this month.