The first technical event in the sector will be held from August 13 to 15, 2008, in Chapecó (SC), a city with the largest number of federally inspected slaughterhouses in Brazil.

Specialists, researchers, businessmen, veterinarians, zootechnicians and producers from all over Brazil and abroad will be gathered in Chapecó, SC during the First SBSS - Southern Brazil Pork Industry Symposium, organized by the Núcleo Oeste de Médicos Veterinários [Western Nucleus of Veterinary Doctors. The event, which will be held from August 13 to 15, 2008, at the Plínio Arlindo de Nes Culture and Event Center in Chapecó – Southern Brazil, is an opportunity to promote discussions, present new technologies and directly outline the perspectives in the sector in the largest pork industry producing and exporting region. Brazil is currently one of the main protein exporters in the world, and is the leader in chicken and beef exports, among its advantages are technology, territorial extension, supply of grains and skilled labor.

The main businesses in the cattle raising sector, suppliers and veterinarians are located in Chapecó – Southern Brazil, or in the Western Region of Santa Catarina, hence the demand for technical and qualified information that resulted in the first technical event on pork industry, geared towards the needs of professionals and businesses. Professionals from Brazil's main exporting businesses will participate in the event and in discussing international demands and sanitation advantages of Brazilian herds. Brazil now has the capacity to be the largest exporter of pork, as with other meats produced with an excellent standard and a guaranteed market.

The First SBSS – Southern Brazil Pork Industry Symposium will be held in the new Culture and Event Center in Chapecó, with an auditorium that seats over one thousand participants. "The first technical event on pork industry, held in Chapecó, will be the setting of lectures and debates on sanitation, management, well-being, nutrition, markets for Brazilian pork and agricultural commodities. Brazilian and foreign specialists will be gathered at an event that provides something long called for in the sector, promoting these debates in such a way that they are technical and applicable in the field, quickly transforming theory into practice", pointed out veterinary doctor Miguel Breda Canal, Chairman of the organization.

"The central pyramid of SBSS will be to deal with the most commonly questioned subjects of day-to-day production. With a scientific committee represented by research, the university and professionals that work in production, there will be lecturers and discussions in the four main areas of swineculture, pork industry, such as sanitation, nutrition, production handling and technological innovations", pointed out Miguel.

Chapecó, in the heart of production
The SBSS will place Chapecó in the spotlight of the productive sector, as the themes debated during the event are part of everyday life for the producers on farms and the businessmen and their technical staff in agro industries, pork industry,ranging from the search for higher quality raw materials, to international demands, food safety and exports. "An event on hog raising in Chapecó has long been requested by the sector, and because the Western Nucleus of Veterinary Doctors accepted the mission of continued training of veterinary and zootechnician professionals, we are going to hold an event of high technical level, following the example of the best in the country", emphasized veterinary doctor Miguel Breda Canal, Chairman of the Western Nucleus of Veterinary Doctors.

According to the organization committee there is a great demand for information on swinecoulture that, beginning with this event, will be answered here, near the production. In the tradition of other events held by Nucleovet, the symposiums have a dynamic, objective and practical character, with debates and instructions on the day-to-day activities of agro industries and their technicians.

The program for SBHRS will take a different approach to information from all other congresses in Brazil, because, following the example of previous events, it uses specific language and important subjects in the sector. "As it is near the region with the largest production in Brazil and the largest concentration of professionals, this justifies all the effort of holding an event that will stand out and be prominent as it has the mission of foreseeing challenges in the sector and preparing professionals for new technology and market demands" emphasized Canal.

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