Iowa State University Extension offers several publications to help prepare for safe and successful manure application. Two publications offer tips on calibrating equipment. Calibrating Liquid Tank Manure Applicators - PM 1948 is available from the Extension online store. A second publication for solid manure spreaders entitled, Calibration and Uniformity of Solid Manure Spreaders - PM 1941 is also available online. Both publications can also be ordered from Iowa Extension offices.

Producers can use two additional publications as guides when reviewing emergency action plans in order to prepare for any accidental manure spills or leaks. The resources provide tips for reviewing the plan with family members and employees. The guides tell producers to make sure that everyone involved in the livestock operation knows where to find a copy of the plan, how to implement the plan, and how to report spills if needed. Learn more from Emergency Action Plans - PM 1859, available online. The Iowa Pork Producers Association’s Emergency Action Planning guide is available on the web.