The first Nutrient Management Plan Development Workshop hosted by Purdue University’s Department of Agronomy will be held July 21-22 at the Beck Agricultural Center at the Purdue Agronomy Center for Research and Education near West Lafayette, IN.

“This is an interactive workshop for participants of all experience levels interested in developing a nutrient management plan,” says Brad Joern, Purdue Extension nutrient management planning specialist.

The development of nutrient management plans (NMPs) will focus on the use of software. “The software tools that we will use in this workshop are designed to streamline the NMP development process as much as possible,” Joern says.

The first tool for discussion is the Missouri Clipper Web site where planners can download aerial imagery and spatial and tabular data needed to start the planning process.

The second software tool to be discussed is Map Windows Geographic Information System, used to draw field boundaries, application setbacks, sensitive features and conservation practices based on data retrieved from the Missouri Clipper Web site.

The third software tool to be discussed is the Manure Management Planner, covering soil erosion and other risk management calculations. It can be used to create a nutrient management plan or a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan to meet national planning requirements.

Manure Management Planner is the only software that meets the nutrient management plan requirements of both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Natural Resource Conservation Service. It’s currently available in 34 states and can be downloaded free.

Workshop enrollment is limited and the $125 registration fee is due by July 1. If room is available after July 1, registration will be $150. View a downloadable registration form and agenda.