Fall is prime time for application of manure to be used as a crop fertilizer. Post-harvest time is here and equipment and fields have been readied for manure application.

Iowa State University (ISU) offers resources for producers and manure applicators covering a variety of topics. One of the most important components of application is determining the best rates. ISU nutrient management specialists urge manure applicators to properly sample the manure and appropriately apply it based on recommended crop nutrient needs. Information regarding sampling, including when and how to sample manure, is available in the ISU Extension publication entitled, “How to Sample Manure for Nutrient Analysis,” (PM1558) available at this URL at no charge: www.extension.iastate.edu/.

Manure pit fires and explosions, while not common, are well-documented in Iowa and throughout the Midwest. Those who work in and with pit pumping should continue to use caution while agitating and pumping from the pits. See an ISU Extension news release with a list of safety reminders at www.extension.iastate.edu/news/.

A 15-minute safety video, “Foaming and Deep-Pit Manure Pumping Safety,” was produced with funding from Iowa Pork Producers Association, the Iowa Manure Management Action Group and Iowa State University. See the video at cl.lk/pitfoampumpsafety1010.