The Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG) has compiled a list of considerations for producers who are planning on hiring a commercial manure applicator this fall.

Since Iowa law requires all commercial manure applicators meet certification requirements in order to handle, transport, store or land-apply manure, the IMMAG reminds producers to make sure to hire a certified commercial manure service. Any commercial manure business located outside of Iowa is also required to be certified in Iowa if they do business in the state. The business should be able to provide documentation of their certification and should ensure all employees have met certification requirements. Some businesses may also offer additional training above the state-mandated certification requirements.

Producers should ask commercial applicators to share a copy of their emergency or spill response plan. Livestock producers should also share their emergency or spill response plans with the commercial applicator. IMMAG suggests walking applicators through the separation distances for land application. Specifically, show the applicator where tile inlets and other sensitive areas are located. Provide a list of emergency phone numbers that could be used in the event of a spill or other emergency.

The IMMAG provides additional hiring tips, in addition to maintaining a list of currently certified commercial manure services, at the IMMAG Web site at