The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has published three new fact sheets to provide guidance to livestock farmers about stockpiling manure.

One factsheet addresses the requirements for manure from open feedlots; the second, dry manure from confinement operations; and finally, dry-bedded manure from confinement operations.

To be considered an open feedlot, animals must be kept in an unroofed or partially roofed area. Confinements that produce dry manure are typically poultry operations. Dry-bedded confinements are those that house cattle or swine and can include hoop buildings, monoslope barns and gable buildings.

In general, state law prohibits stockpiles in grassed waterways or on steep slopes. Farmers also need to be mindful of environmentally sensitive areas, such as drinking water wells, certain wetlands or high quality water resources. State laws set separation distances between these sensitive areas and each type of stockpile.

Following are links to the factsheets.
Open Feedlot Stockpiling Regulation factsheet.
Dry Manure Stockpiling factsheet.
Dry Bedded Manure Stockpiling Regulations.