The University of Missouri (MU) is offering two nutrient management courses at the MU Bradford Farm, east of Columbia, MO. The courses provide training and continuing education credits for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) operators and Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs).

The first course offering is a two-part Nutrient Management Planning Course. Part one includes a classroom session, held from March 15-17, 2011. Current Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) regulatory policies and water-quality management topics will be covered. Participants can also learn about nutrient management calculations, such as plant-available nitrogen in manure, phosphorus-based management and manure economics.

The second part of the course consists of a calculation/field session. Participants can choose to attend either April 18-20 or April 20-22. These sessions include a field trip to the MU Dairy, active discussion sessions, and an opportunity to perform hands-on calculations related to nutrient management. This course is highly recommended for anyone who plans to write nutrient management plans for animal feeding operations in Missouri. The two-part Nutrient Management Planning Course costs $400, which includes the cost of three lunches.

An Advanced Nutrient Management Course will be held Feb. 16-17, 2011. There are no prerequisites for this course. Topics such as record-keeping requirements for CAFOs and manure and soil-testing strategies will be discussed. Participants will also learn how to use feed information to estimate manure nutrient content. This course will cost $185.

Pre-registration is required for both courses. Contact Christina George at 573-884-6311 or email to register. More details about the courses can be found online at, or contact John Lory at 573-884-7815,