After a long, hard-fought campaign, this year turned into a status quo election with President Barack Obama winning reelection, the Senate remaining Democratic and the House of Representatives staying Republican. President Obama’s path to victory was winning seven of the nine toss-up states, with Florida results coming in late for Obama. His victory came with strong support from women, suburban women, African Americans, Hispanics and young voters. Women comprised nearly 55% of the electorate. Hispanics were 10% of the electorate in which the president was supported by 71%. The young voters, which were a key to his victory in 2008, turned out again in large numbers for him. Governor Mitt Romney’s support came from primarily male and white voters. The number of white voters continued to decline, making up 72% of the electorate in this election compared to 77% in 2004. The Democrats gained two seats by winning Indiana and Massachusetts and with former Maine Governor Angus King, an Independent, expected to caucus with the Democrats. The only pick-up for the Republicans was Nebraska. The Republicans will maintain control of the House of Representatives with the Democrats expected to gain only eight seats after recounts.