During 2012, National Hog Farmerreaders showed a preference for Web site content pertaining primarily to pigs and the people who manage and care for them. Production-related content continues to be very popular atnationalhogfarmer.com.

Here are the most-viewed items featured on the National Hog Farmer Web site in 2012:

1. “Hogs are Beautiful” Photo Contest Entries from 2012.

2. “See What You Feel An Assisted Farrowing Guide” Photo Gallery.

3. “What is Net Present Value” article from Jan. 15, 2009, by Iowa State University’s Ken Stalder.

4. “Feeding Strategies for Weaned Pigs, Sows” article by Kansas State University Swine Nutrition team from Oct. 15, 2005.

5. “Human to Pig Genome Comparison Complete” article from Sept. 15, 2005, by Joe Vansickle.

6. “Heat Detection” Photo Gallery.

7. “Agricultural Issues Sure to Surface in 2012” Jan. 3, 2012 Weekly Preview article by Scott Shearer.

8. “Assisted Farrowing Tips” Photo Gallery.

9. “Designing Greener Pig Barns” article by Dale Miller, Sept. 15, 2011.

10. “Pigs and Their People at 2012 World Pork Expo” Photo Gallery.

11. “Sow Body Condition Scoring Guidelines” Photo Gallery.

12. “Understanding how Ethanol Impacts Food Prices,” by Steve Meyer Feb. 27, 2012 Weekly Preview.

13. “All About the Pork at World Pork Expo 2012” Photo Gallery.

14. “10 Steps to Manage Odor” article, Sept. 15, 2007 by Dale Miller.

15. “Work Environment Tops Employee Priority Lists” article, June 15, 2005 by Terrance Hurley, James Kliebenstein, Peter Orazem and Dale Miller.