Every year attendees at World Pork Expo are asked to vote for their favorite new product introduced to the pork industry within the last year. Prior to World Pork Expo, each company that will be exhibiting at Expo is asked to nominate new products for consideration by a National Hog Farmer World Pork Expo new product review panel.

Information about the new products is published in the May 15 issue of National Hog Farmer, and placards with information about the nominees were displayed at the magazine’s booth during the trade show.

Trade show visitors are asked to be honorary members of the new product panel by casting their votes for their favorite product. This year’s top vote-getter was the Bazooka Farmstar Coulter Till from Farmstar, Inc.

This manure application toolbar consists of 22.5-in. coulter till blades rolling at an offset to create a cut capable of receiving manure directly behind the blade. Sealing is accomplished with a single or double 17.5-in. closure blade following the manure drop tube. Individual row units are equipped with an auto reset design to allow for use in all no-till and most pasture applications. Injection rates range from 3,000 gal./acre to 15,000 gal./acre.

Learn more about the Bazooka Farmstar Coulter Till at www.bazookafarmstar.com.