Prima Tech recently launched a new, 0.3-ml. bottle-mounted vaccinator with a dose range of 0.1 ml. to 0.3 ml. The vaccinator allows the barrel to prime at the lowest 0.1-ml. setting. It also offers a full stroke at the 0.3-ml. setting so the user can easily recognize the feel of a successful injection, according to Bob Walber, PrimaTech.

A precision stainless steel plunger and piston insure that the correct amount of product is dispensed with every stroke. Kim Quinn, Prima Tech President and CEO, said the company focuses on education and customer feedback. “Our goal is to offer a $30 syringe that functions just as well as a $150 syringe,” he explained.

Walber told the panel that proper cleaning is the key to extending syringe life. He reinforced Quinn’s philosophy of taking care of customers and the unwritten warranty that customers can send the syringe back to the company if it is not working properly.

The bottle-mount can be flipped to be above or below the syringe. Different adapters are available to convert the syringe into a drench tip.

“The nice thing about this syringe is that the longer stroke feels like you gave enough and it seems like there would be increased accuracy with the available settings,” Paul Yeske, DVM, observed.

“I think I would feel more comfortable that things will be done better in the barn at vaccinating time with a more accurate syringe,” Leon Sheets stated.

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