The Tube-O-Mat Classic wet/dry feeder from Master Trading is designed for wean-to-finish or finishing pigs. Designed in Denmark, the hopper of the feeder is made of high-density polyethylene with ultraviolet protection. The base is made up of two stainless steel compartments, one for water and one for dry feed.

“The trough is one solid piece with no welding seams, making it very strong,” said Daniel Mogelbjerg, Master Trading export manager.

Hans Rasmussen, the inventor of the feeder, explained that an elevated platform under the feed-dispensing tube helps insure that the feed outlet is kept dry. A built-in water bowl and nipple waterers are located at each end of the trough.

A stainless steel cylinder with four wings and a rotor is positioned at the bottom of the hopper so pigs can use it as an agitation device to dispense feed. The panel liked the idea of the pigs being able to play with the agitation device because it may help increase feed intake and reduce feed bridging. The feed hopper has a handle that allows producers to dispense additional feed if necessary.

The Tube-O-Mat Classic costs around $215 for a single feeder that would accommodate 50 pigs and hold 140 lb. of feed. A double feeder accommodates 70 pigs, and would hold about 260 lb. of feed and cost $300.

“The reason we say ‘double,’ but only say 70 pigs, is to make sure there is adequate space for the pigs to eat,” Mogelbjerg said.

The engineer on the panel, Ted Funk, thought the design of the feed pan showed good thought, but the panel had some questions about how to attach the feeder in pens and how sturdy the feeder would be as part of a pen divider.

Leon Sheets wondered if the water line going into the pan may be a bit small. Mogelbjerg commented, “I can assure you that this is not an issue, as the 8mm tube has a 6mm hole and it needs to supply water to the nipple. So the water line is more than enough. We have never experienced any problems with the water supply.”

“I liked having the raised platform under the tube so it would not plug up,” Paul Yeske, DVM, noted.

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