While the 2012 National Hog Farmer World Pork Expo New Product Review Panel found there were often a number of products targeting the same need at this year’s trade show, they worked hard to make sure they brought forward new ideas for consideration wherever possible.

The panel takes a look at new products on behalf of our pork producer readers each year. They ask hard questions and discuss new ideas and concepts that have been introduced to the pork industry, while pondering how the products would function in a typical hog operation.

The panel was particularly focused on new technology that would address current issues facing the U.S. pork industry, such as feed costs and feed efficiency, nutrient management strategies and porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS).

This year’s World Pork Expo New Product Review Panel consisted of the following experts:

Ted Funk, Extension agricultural engineer, University of Illinois – Funk’s research interests include livestock confinement structures, indoor climate control systems for livestock, indoor air quality and manure pit foaming.

Marcia Shannon, associate professor and Extension swine nutrition specialist, University of Missouri – Shannon is responsible for developing statewide educational programs in swine nutrition. She focuses on helping producers with phase feeding recommendations, nutrition management for growing pigs and the development of future pork producers.

Leon Sheets, Ionia, IA, pork producer and immediate past president of the Iowa Pork Producers Association – Sheets runs a 1,200-sow, farrow-to-feeder pig operation and a finishing operation, in addition to raising row crops.

Paul Yeske, DVM, Swine Vet Center, P.A., St. Peter, MN – Yeske works with pork producers while providing production and health consulting and management services. He has worked diligently to help control and eliminate a variety of swine diseases during his career.

During the initial product discussions, Yeske noted, “We have to ask ourselves, who are the readers and participants in the pork industry today?” Shannon agreed with this approach and noted, “When I looked through these products, I looked for the ones that would be appealing at the many levels in the industry, from the owner/operators, who are making buying decisions, to the people who are working every day in the barns.”

When reflecting on the panel’s evaluation process, Sheets said, “When discussing the products with the other panelists, I think we really proved that there is a great variation as to what people want to see at a trade show, and there are opportunities to learn something by considering other people’s perspectives. It’s really helpful to have an extra set of eyes.”

The panel was diligent in trying to do their best at representing the pork producers who were not able to attend World Pork Expo.

“These products are worthy of further discussion, thought and conversation,” Sheets added. As the panel concluded their discussions, Funk summarized the thought behind the panel’s selections: “Look at the technology that these choices and products represent, not necessarily that these specific products are the only way to address these industry concerns.”

The panel does not rank the products. Rather, they selected 10 products they thought producers would be most interested in learning more about. Read more about the panel’s selections by clicking on the product name below:

Bioverse - AgraSphere

Big Dutchman – DryExact Pro

SFP – More-than-Manure Nutrient Manager

Ralco Animal Health – DELyte

ClicRweight – ClicRweight Weighing System

Prima Tech USA – 0.3 ml. Bottle Mount Vaccinator

Pfizer Animal Health – Fostera PRRS Vaccine

Automated Production Systems (AP) – Flow Hammer

Clarcor Air Filtration – Model 2000-P and Model 4000-P Filter Housings

Master Trading – Tube-O-Mat Classic