The state’s leading coalition of agricultural advocates is applauding Gov. Jay Nixon and the General Assembly for bipartisan efforts to fix Proposition B, by signing Senate Bill 113, which provides much-needed repairs for the dog- breeding regulations.

The legislature followed that by passing Gov. Nixon’s “Missouri Solution” Senate Bill 161.

Missouri Farmers Care says together the two bills strengthen enforcement of animal cruelty laws in Missouri, enhance animal treatment standards at rescue shelters and protect farmers and ranchers from radical animal rights extremists.

“The voters of Missouri should be very proud of their government for working together to find a solution that will uphold the will of the people and protect the future of our state,” declares Don Nikodim, chair of Missouri Farmers Care. “Together, Senate Bill 113 and Senate Bill 161 will ensure that voters get what they demanded. Dogs and puppies are protected from abuse and neglect. And our farm families will be protected from efforts to sabotage animal agriculture by radical animal rights groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).”

Gov. Nixon assembled agriculture advocates, dog breeders and animal welfare experts to craft his Missouri Solution to back SB 161.

“This was truly an unprecedented joint effort by everyone involved,” Nikodim says.
Despite the support of animal welfare experts and advocates in Missouri, national animal rights groups like HSUS, the activist group that bankrolled Proposition B, have refused to join the bipartisan agreement.

“It’s no surprise that HSUS refuses to work toward a reasonable solution on this issue,” Nikodim concludes. “For them, this was never about actually protecting dogs and puppies. HSUS designed Proposition B as a trojan horse to deceive Missouri voters and attack our farm families. Thanks to Gov. Nixon and the legislature, we have revealed the HSUS scheme and dealt their agenda a serious setback. HSUS won’t fool us ever again.”