The pork checkoff’s new Safety Reporting Database can help employees go home whole and healthy each day.

“The Safety Reporting Database provides a unique opportunity to share safety precaution suggestions with fellow pork producers while maintaining the confidentiality of your own business practices,” says Ann Beacom, an associate consultant with the Organizational Effectiveness Research Group at Minnesota State University, which is assisting with the project. “The whole industry can benefit by promoting farm safety and communication between safety professionals.”

The database is free to use. It will debut this summer at The idea for the database surfaced from the pork checkoff’s annual Worker Safety Roundtable, where producers, safety professionals and other participants learn about potential hazards and focus on improving the pork industry’s safety record.

“These folks were facing many of the same safety issues, and they agreed it would be useful to have a way to discuss the types of accidents that were occurring and how these issues were being addressed,” Beacom says.