LeAnn Johnston has been added to the research team at Prairie Swine Centre, announces President Lee Whittington.

Prairie Swine Centre (PSC), located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, has been rationalizing facilities, activities and people to ensure survival in the worst economic times the pork industry has ever faced.

“It is time to begin looking ahead, the industry will be different, but one thing that has not changed is the need for leadership and fresh ideas to assist pork producers to reach new heights in efficiency,” says Whittington. “With feed costs typically representing 60% or more of the cost of production, reinvesting in our ability to provide nutritional breakthroughs is an area where the industry and PSC will see immediate and lasting return on investment.”

Johnston’s position will be nutrition research and leading the Contract Research group at PSC. Since inception, PSC has served the needs of private corporations worldwide that wished to have their products and services evaluated under commercial-like conditions with rigorous scientific oversight.

Johnston can be reached by phone (306) 667-7445, fax (306) 955-2510 or e-mail Leann.Johnston@usask.ca.