After nearly 60 years in agriculture as a student, teacher, advisor and consultant, University of Missouri agricultural economist Glenn Grimes “officially” re-retired at the close of 2009.

The University of Missouri agricultural economist retired the first time in 1985. From then through 2009, he served as professor emeritus, and worked part-time in the University of Missouri’s Department of Agricultural Economics.

Grimes began in 1951 as a county agricultural Extension agent in southern Missouri. From 1956 to 1985 he served as livestock marketing specialist for the Missouri Extension Service. He also taught livestock marketing courses and assisted with research projects in livestock marketing.

Paragon Economics President Steve Meyer fondly recalls Grimes in his Daily Livestock Report: “He is a terrific economist who has made a career of using economic theory and facts to explain and predict economic conditions.”

Grimes was honored as one of National Hog Farmer’s top 50 men and women in the pork industry in 2005 and honored as one of The Masters of the Pork Industry in 2006.