Despite some dips in production during the last few decades, Illinois showed a bit of a resurgence in recent years and retained its 4th ranking in U.S. pork production.

There were 2,900 hog farms in Illinois last year, based on March 2008 USDA data. The rise in sow numbers is depicted in Figure 1 below.

Illinois sold 7.9 million market hogs in 2006.

Illinois currently has 1,191 producers and allied industry partners, says Illinois Pork Producers Association Director of Public Relations Tim Maiers.

The state ranks second in corn and soybean production, based on statistics for 2006. Illinois hog production alone uses 70 million bushels of corn each year.

Pork contributes $1.9 billion to the State's economy. Pork generates more than $136 million in taxes. Pork supports the creation of 7,833 jobs in Illinois and 800,000 jobs across the United States.

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