Sow farm and boar stud managers, we need your help. The University of Illinois and its cooperators are conducting two surveys for an Update of Reproduction Practices for the North American Swine Industry. One is for BOAR STUD and the other for SOW FARM managers. All responses are intended for a single site and responses are confidential and anonymous. Those businesses with multiple sites should either respond for a single unit of their choice, or request unit managers perform the survey. Your participation will help to create this important and unique database that will help define the swine breeding industry, its labor profile, limits to reproductive performance, and use of reproductive technologies and practices. Each survey will take ~15 minutes. The outcomes will be summarized and shared with the industry in the future for helping to create a comparative reference source to aid in business decisions for opportunity, improvement, labor, and systems operation. The survey results may also help to prioritize the needs of the pig breeding industry of North America. Thank you in advance for your participation and feedback. Please email Rob Knox at with any questions or comments.

To access the BOAR STUD Survey click the following link:

To take the SOW FARM survey click the following link: