Kansas State University’s annual Swine Profitability Conference is scheduled for Feb. 6 at the K-State Student Union.

This year’s program features:
- Current understanding of the transmission and control of porcine circovirus-associated disease with Robert Desrosiers, DVM, Boehringer-Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. of Canada;

- “How we’ve grown our agri-business with the help of family and friends,” with Bern, KS, pork producer Alan Haverkamp;

- Troubleshooting grow-finish production with Mike Brumm, Brumm Swine Consultancy, North Mankato, MN;

- Will there be enough corn to go around? The impact of biofuels on corn and soybean meal with John Lawrence of Iowa State University; and

- Life lessons learned from the history of K-State football with Stan Weber, announcer for K-State sports radio network.

For more information or registration forms, call Jim Nelssen at (785) 532-1251 or Lois Schreiner at (785) 532-1267.