A new pork checkoff-funded study says 93% of consumers view pork products that feature "Pork. The Other White Meat" logo and slogan are high quality.

"The Pork. The Other White Meat" campaign changed the way consumers think about pork," says Tom Floy, Thornton, IA, pork producer and a National Pork Board member. "Its impact continues to resonate with consumers, influencing their quality perceptions of pork products in supermarkets across the country."

The research also reveals the visual influence of the pork symbol and slogan. Some 28% more survey participants responded positively to the quality question when they were shown the logo and tagline compared to those who responded via telephone.

Results support a 15-year checkoff-funded tracking study that suggests a 20% higher rating for pork among people who are aware of the pork message and campaign.

Research says 86% of consumers indicate awareness of the campaign.

For more information on checkoff-funded programs, producers can call the Producer Service Center at 800-456-PORK or check the Internet at www.porkboard.org.