The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) has recognized an animal sciences course at Ohio State University (OSU) for its focus on animal welfare.

The course Social Issues Concerning the Use of Animals by Humans was honored during a recent awards presentation for promoting animal ethics, animal rights and animal welfare.

"The recognition of the animal sciences course shows the breadth of the kinds of things we are doing in educating students from outside the college, as well as other departments within the college, about animal welfare issues in an unbiased manner," says James Kinder, chair of OSU’s Department of Animal Sciences.

Animal sciences major and senior Danyelle Dauch, Bellevue, OH, says the course reveals different perceptions about animal welfare.

"The one thing the course has taught me is how other people see me as a hog producer," says Dauch, who was raised on a hog farm. "They already have this public perception before they even get to know me. That’s kind of an eye opener and it’s a really good motivation for me to go out there and change that perception."

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