A series of air quality workshops will be held in late January to help address agricultural air emissions, federal air quality regulations and the most effective technologies and management practices for air quality control.

The Ohio Agricultural Air Quality Conferences are Jan. 23-25 at the Ohio Department of Agriculture Bromfield Building in Reynoldsburg, OH.

The air quality program Jan. 23 is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of air quality issues related to animal feeding operations and best practices to reduce air quality concerns.

A research symposium with nationally known speakers will be held Jan. 24.

On Jan. 25, an odor dispersion workshop will provide an in-depth understanding of odor dispersion modeling and application in determining setback requirements for siting livestock facilities.

For registration information, contact Diane Yagich at (614) 292-0885 or yagich.1@osu.edu or log onto http://airquality.osu.edu/workshops.