When asked if they were interested in an interactive, online educational series on risk management, pork producers responded with a resounding “yes.”

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), pork checkoff and state pork producer associations have banded together to develop a complimentary series of risk management webinars in May. The webinars provide direct access to industry professionals, including CME presenters.

“With today’s profitability challenges, producers are looking for any and all resources to help enhance their risk management,” says Mike Laughery, vice president of producer and industry relations for the National Pork Board. “These 2008 webinars offer a great opportunity to learn and ask questions.”

Producers can choose from the introductory or advanced tracks, based on their experience and educational needs. To view the complete schedule and register by May 16, log onto www.cmegroup.com/porkwebinars.

“Even if you’re busy in the field and can’t attend some of the interactive sessions, you can access them from the online archive at your convenience,” Laughery says.

Introductory Track webinar topics include:
· Futures and Options: The Basics, May 19;
· Introduction to Hedging, May 20;
· Developing a Marketing Plan, May 21; and
· Trading Tools and How to Get Started, May 22.
Advanced Track webinar topics include:
· The Roll of the Lender in Risk Management, May 27;
· Systematic Risk Management, May 28; and Advanced Hog Margin Management, May 29.