Brownfield  Radio Network reports that the Nebraska Farmers Union is working with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) on the launch of a new marketing program for “humanely-raised” livestock and poultry products. The program is called Farm to Fitness.  Farmers Union spokesman Graham Christensen says the program will use health and fitness centers as drop points for cooperatively-purchased food orders.

The program is the first initiative under Farmers Union’s agreement with HSUS to help identify, expand and promote new markets for humanely-raised livestock products in Nebraska.  In 2011 the Nebraska Farmers Union and HSUS announced the formation of the Nebraska Agriculture Council, with its main goal being to create new market opportunities for farmers and ranchers who want to market “humanely-raised” meat and poultry products.  As part of the agreement, HSUS says it will not pursue an animal welfare ballot initiative in Nebraska.

“This new program is clear evidence that the HSUS collaboration with the Nebraska Farmers Union is delivering results that are good for animals, good for farmers and good for consumers,” says Joe Maxwell, director of rural development and outreach for HSUS.

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