A new pressure washer claims to be the most innovative in the industry.

Nilfisk-ALTO Cleaning Systems, Inc. has introduced a hot-water stationary pressure washer from KEW, provider of high-quality pressure cleaning solutions in the Neptune USG Series. This new series is among the most innovative pressure washer systems in the industry. It offers a wide range of engines, pumps, pressures and flow rates ideal for both industrial and commercial cleaning applications. Dedication to quality and durability provides years of reliability and service. The USG Series' modular technology supports low operational costs through easy, efficient and effective service and upgrade paths. Nilfisk-ALTO also offers the newest cold-water stationary pressure washer from KEW, the Alpha Booster 3 & 5 Series. The Alpha Boosters offer pressure up to 2,500 psi and water flow rates of up to 4.5 gpm for total cleaning efficiency. For more information, call (800) 825-2753 or visit www.nilfisk-alto.us.

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