Preliminary studies at the University of Illinois suggest that a wet scrubber system coupled with exhaust ventilation fans shows promise in reducing odor emissions.

During the operation of the wet scrubber system, water is sprayed toward the exhaust fan to interact with the dust particles.

Then a special water collection system is used to remove the water and dust particles before they are exhausted.

Illinois agricultural engineering researcher G.L. Riskowski points out that this early breakthrough has been accomplished without greatly reducing the airflow performance and energy efficiency of the fans. Water requirements have also been low.

A second generation of the wet scrubber system needs to be developed to make the system more practical for commercial operations. Riskowski adds his department has plans for a different water collection system which would improve fan performance, water collection efficiency and fan operation under windy conditions.

Plans are to develop and test new prototypes in the laboratory, then attach to the exhaust fans on a swine finishing building at the Swine Research Center at the University of Illinois. One swine finishing building has two identical rooms. The odor scrubber treatment would be attached to the exhaust fans from one of the rooms.

The research is funded by the Illinois Pork Producers Association and the National Pork Producers Council.

Researcher: G.L. Riskowski, University of Illinois. Phone: 217-333-4446; e-mail: