New boar line offers key production attributes.

Monsanto Choice Genetics (MCG) has launched its new GX terminal sire line, offering traits for growth and meat quality. “With the GX boar, producers will be able to experience the ideal intersection of lean growth, feed efficiency and meat quality to maximize their profitability,” says Kelly Fleming, Business Development Lead for MCG. Using simple hybrid lines, the GX is a composite boar created through five generations of selection using MCG's proprietary swine genome map. Using genomics, genetic markers throughout the genome are mapped, and markers associated with traits of economic importance are identified. MCG uses marker-assisted selection to breed pigs with traits valuable to both producers and packers. For more information, go to

Free-Access Gestation Stall

An animal-friendly gestation stall system that allows producers to optimize animal well-being and productivity has been introduced by Chore-Time Hog Production Systems. These unique gestation stalls are German-engineered and designed to offer superior animal comfort and solutions to today's hog production challenges. The Chore-Time gestation stalls allow sows to freely walk in and out of individual stalls, providing sows more opportunity for exercise. When a sow enters a stall, the door automatically closes behind her to ensure privacy for eating. Sows release themselves by simply backing up to trigger the release latch. Sows can be temporarily locked in the stalls for vaccinating, breeding and pregnancy checking. The gestation stalls feature an integrated drop-feeding system with solid steel partitions to reduce competition when eating. The stalls are uniquely angled to save building space and to discourage sows from stepping into the feed trough. Stalls are made of galvanized steel for low maintenance and durability. For more information, call (574) 658-4101, email or log onto

Software Data Management

FBS Systems, Inc. has licensed rights to market a patent-pending technology that extracts data from nearly every source and creates “real-time” management control. The Farm Servey Executive Dashboard automatically generates graphs and maps; monitors key performance indicators; and triggers alerts directly from FBS Servware software and many other accounting and production programs, spreadsheets, facility monitoring systems and Web sites. Views of maps, charts, etc. can be customized by the user and automatically updated as underlying data changes. Dashboard software is an emerging class of information systems that integrates data to assist organizations to measure, monitor and manage business performance more effectively. For more information, e-mail or log onto

New Paylean Program

A new study from Elanco Animal Health on Paylean dosage offers pork producers a new option in the face of rising feed costs. Researchers have shown that when Paylean is fed at 6.75 grams/ton, there were significant improvements in average daily gain, feed efficiency and overall net returns. This dose is midway between the Food and Drug Administration-approved levels of 4.5 and 9 grams/ton. Study results indicated pigs fed Paylean at 6.75 grams/ton, for an average of 25 days, achieved 15.1% better feed efficiency and 19.6% better average daily gain than pigs fed control diets without Paylean. Paylean-fed pigs also produced 1.2% more yield and 8.38 more lb. of hot carcass weight vs. controls at a market weight of 272 lb. These improvements translated into a net return of $3.53 more revenue/pig. “The data shows Paylean at 6.75 grams/ton works very well in improving average daily gain and feed efficiency in late finishing,” says Gary Allee, swine nutritionist at the University of Missouri and study researcher. “If lysine levels are adequate, 6.75 grams of Paylean certainly fits into any operation looking to improve pig performance.” Paylean had no impact on meat quality. More information is available at (800) 428-4441 or by logging onto

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