The Generation III Feeder from Staco is designed to improve ease of feeder adjustment.

Staco's Bryan Shive says the clearly visible marked settings on the feeder make it possible to set feed gates in an exact location every time.

"The old crank-style adjustment made reducing feed waste a time-consuming, inconvenient, guessing game," Shive relates. The index pattern on the Generation III feeder is designed so each movement opens the feed gate 11/48 in.

Steve Hoff asked about bolt breakage on the adjustment lever. Shive says a 51/416 in. stud is welded into the lever to prevent breakage.

Craig Christensen asked if pigs would play with the exposed parts of the settings. Shive says pigs won't bother the settings, but a guard can be added.

The panel was enthusiastic about the ease of adjustment. "If you have 20 people responsible for adjusting feeders, you can very easily instruct them on how to do this," Christensen says.

Richard Collins suggested producers could schedule feeder adjustments on the calendar and expect an accurate, regular adjustment with this product.

A double-sided finishing feeder with five holes/side has a list price of $279. Prices vary according to feeder model.

(Circle Reply Card No. 105)