The Retroliter 240 CVP-W-Retro retrofit fluorescent swine housing light is available from Retrolite Corporation of America.

Forrest Tabor, Retrolite representative, says the Retroliter can be installed in existing facilities without requiring complete rewiring. Retroliter can be mounted up to 4 ft. from the original fixture, which is used as a power source. "This gives flexibility to move the light source away from obstructions that might block light," Tabor relates.

The fixture withstands normal pressure washing. Specially designed mounting brackets allow rigid fastening through the ceiling and into the truss.

According to Tabor, typical mounting on an 8-ft. ceiling is 16-ft. spacing on center between fixtures.

Two, 4-ft. fluorescent lamps provide 15-foot candles under the fixture in most swine facilities. (By way of comparison, one 100-watt lamp mounted on an eight-foot ceiling would equal 2.4-foot candles. Therefore, between six and seven 100-watt lamps would equal the foot candle output of one Retroliter lamp.) Tabor says ballast life is typically 12-15 years. The lamps have an average life of 20,000 hours.

Fixtures carry a two-year warranty. Ballasts are warrantied for three years.

The panel felt any product that allows producers to retrofit to existing facilities has definite advantages.

Steve Hoff asked if the Retroliter is Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) approved. Tabor said UL approval is pending. Hoff urges producers to be aware of the importance of the UL approval rating.

"Underwriter's Laboratory checks for moisture and corrosion points based on the gases that occur in the electrical fixture's environment," he explains. "You want to make sure you choose products that will safely stand up to the challenges that exist in your facilities."

The Retroliter basic model 240 CVP-W-Retro lights are available for $66-$70, depending on the quantity purchased.

(Circle Reply Card No. 106)