Minnesota's first case of pseudorabies (PRV) in about a year, discovered in early April, has been cleaned up without further incident, reports Assistant State Veterinarian Paul Anderson.

A 10-week-old pig from the James Joens, Jr. nursery-finishing operation at Wilmont, MN, tested positive for PRV on April 5. On retest of the herd, nine of 150 head tested positive and the herd was quarantined on April 11. The herd of 800 head was depopulated. After a 30-day quarantine, the operation expects to repopulate.

Anderson says 80 herds tested in a six-mile radius of the Joens' farm all proved negative.

Likewise, the 450-sow herd of Keith Moller of Larchwood, IA, who shipped weaned pigs to Joens, all tested negative for PRV.

A small circle test of 10 herds within a two-mile radius of the Joens' two-site operation was to be done by late May to comply with national PRV program standards, says Anderson.

Booster vaccination, extra surveillance and vigilance in the six-mile radius of the infection were to be carried out well into summer to guard against infection, he notes.

Because the infection was promptly depopulated and no other cases were found, Minnesota retains its Stage IV (surveillance) status conferred March 24 (Figure 1).

Minnesota and Iowa veterinary officials have no clue where the PRV came from, says Anderson. But he observes it would be surprising if a few cases don't crop up as the nation attempts to stay PRV-free. The key is to quickly remove the infection.