Swine Feeds

CommStart 25-40 from Kent Feeds is a new 20% protein, 1.3% lysine complete starter designed for pigs weighing 25-40 lb. It will be available with medication options of ASP-250, D-CTC400, M50 or NT300. And, CommStart 15-25 is now a 22% protein starter, which is to be fed before CommStart 25-40. Call 800-552-9620.
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Coated Eartags

Farnam Livestock Products introduces its Z eartag with DuraMark printing. A no-stick coating helps shed dirt, and an ultraviolet shield prevents fading. The eartag is available in eight colors. Call 602-207-2168.
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Performance Testing System

Osborne Industries' Mark III Feed Intake Recording Equipment (FIRE) system uses new electronics that are compatible with any FDX-B electronic animal identification that meets the International Standardization Organization (ISO) communication standard for agricultural radio frequency identification. This system tests the response of growing animals to changes in feed, genetics, environment and animal health treatment. Call 785-346-2192.
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Carcass Remover

Remove dead carcasses from any size barn easier and faster with the Reeper. Just place the remover in the alley at the end of the barn and hook the cable to the carcass. The product can remove a carcass from a 250-ft. barn in about one minute. Call 712-786-3268.
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Side Load Composter

Designed for the large volume composter, the CT-10SL accommodates most heavy-duty, waste management operations. The design incorporates a hydraulic cylinder that pushes 23 yards of material at a time through the tunnel and into a 10 × 200-ft. plastic EcoPOD. The Side Load comes equipped with a 55-hp John Deere power-tech diesel engine, 50-gal. fuel tank, wheel drive and remote control for ease of use and minimal labor. The composter is manufactured by Ag-Bag Environmental. Call 503-861-1644.
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On-Farm Disinfectant

Sorex Ltd.'s Sorgene 5 is a safe and effective disinfectant for all types of pig accommodation. It is a broad-spectrum disinfectant based upon a stabilized blend of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. It is used to control disease-causing micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and fungal spores. Call United Kingdom 44 (0) 151 420 7151 or email enquiries@sorex.com.
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Parasite Treatment

Phoenix Scientific Inc. announces FDA approval to manufacture and market ivermectin injection for the treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, suckling lice and mange mites in swine and cattle. It is available in 50-ml, 200-ml and 500-ml vials. Call 816-364-3777.
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All-Terrain Vehicles

The Polaris Ranger line of all-terrain vehicles (ATV) is built to serve the agriculture industry in a wide variety of capacities. Engineered for power and maneuverability, it is designed to handle tough terrain. The ATV can tow up to 1,500 lb. and features front brush guards, radiator rock guards and true four- and six-wheel drive. The ATV is available in 2×4, 4×4 and 6×6 models. Call 952-346-6334.
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Combination Approval

The FDA has issued clearance for swine producers to use both Elanco Animal Health's Paylean and Tylan to improve their pork production. Paylean added to the finishing feed enables producers to get pigs to market faster with increased carcass weight, improved yields and increased feed efficiency. Feeding Tylan can be added to prevent and control ileitis instead of using water medication or injectables. Call 317-276-3759.
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Post Driver

Worksaver's self-contained HSS/P hydraulic post driver is ruggedly constructed to provide effective, fast operation. It features a level indicator for accurate post alignment and spring isolators that dampen the “whipping action.” The post driver requires no special line or fittings and installs easily to any skid-steer loader with a universal attaching system. Call 217-324-5972.
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Hand Wipes

La-Co Industries' Lifter Wipe pre-moistened, hand-cleaning towels are ideal for job sites where soap and water aren't available. The two-sided, polymeric, non-woven towel features a soft side for general cleaning and a gritty side for really tough cleanups. Call 847-956-7600.
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