Lamp & Mat Heating Control

MicroZone is the automatic lamp and mat heating controller from Novonix Corporation. MicroZone is compact, rugged and easy to use and works with the MicroZone controller and power modulator to achieve lower electrical costs, fewer preweaning deaths, longer equipment life and reduced labor costs. The controller has its own temperature sensor to monitor the piglets' environment. Set the temperature control band and the desired temperature drop per day and the MicroZone controller does the rest. The power modulators automatically regulate the power to the heaters from 0 to 100% to compensate for changes in room temperature and the growing animals' reduced need for supplemental heat. The controller readout lets you instantly check percent of power applied to heaters, percent of savings, room temperature and temperature control band settings.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Finisher Drinker

The Lou Finish Drinker from Lou Mfg., Inc., provides a drinking area for six pigs when located in the center of a pen and for three pigs when located in a fenceline. Each unit has a 1½ in.-center drain, which is operated from the top of the drinker. A vacuum valve controls the water. All exposed areas of the drinker are made of quality stainless steel.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102 )

Wastewater Odor Treatment

Ultimate Clean 1103 from Asah Terra International, LLC offers an effective and economical solution to odor control problems. Its powerful formulation of strong oxidizing agents and protein-based encapsulation materials actually bond odor-causing gases such as hydrogen sulfide within organic molecules. The result is that pollutants are no longer airborne, thus cannot be detected. Application of the product is based on the intensity of gases being given off and age of manure and/or sludge.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Wireless Auto-Sorter

The Pro-Sort from RTC Enterprises Inc. allows producers to monitor and configure multiple sorters and scale heads from a central computer. The system automatically collects animal information and provides tools for tracking animal movement and weight. The Pro-Sort features integration with Phason's OMNI-4000 production management system, wireless control from your PDA, two- or three-way sorting ability, sort limits, photoelectric proximity sensors, electronic load cell weighing and less than 2% error.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Semen Meter

Schippers Europe BV introduces the MS Semen Meter. The meter provides a digital readout of the concentration of boar semen, expressed in hundreds of million sperm cells/ml. Using a simple calculation, producers can determine the number of doses produced from a single ejaculation, assuming 3-4 billion sperm cells/dose. It also allows producers to measure the concentration of the fresh, non-diluted boar semen without having to dilute the sample first, thus saving time.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Bait Station

Liphatech Inc. introduces the AEGIS-RP to its line of bait stations. This versatile, durable station provides a highly effective means to control rodent populations while protecting valuable livestock. The AEGIS-RP features a unique design with three distinct rodent needs — see-through design to allow sight of the exit prior to entry; a convenient, stay-on-the-runway access; and inside, a simple feeding chamber requiring less travel to bait. The station is available in non-locking and locking models.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Liquid Feeding Systems

Fancom introduces three liquid feeding systems: FullFix, SmartFix and MultiFix, which allow any type of production facility to be equipped with an automatic liquid feeder. The FullFix always has feed in its pipes, making installation flexible and simple. The SmartFix system is the most commonly used system. It separates liquid from feed for the feeding cycles, and no feed is left in the circuits between cycles. The MultiFix system is used for multi-phase liquid feeding and utilizes a gradual transition from one blend to another. Each system can be extended using add-ons and customized to meet the needs of each facility.
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