Decks for Disadvantaged Pigs

Rescue Decks from S&R Resources, LLC are designed to save the most challenged piglets in farrowing rooms. Rescue Decks target two distinct problem areas that all producers experience — small birth weight and starve-out piglets. Placing these piglets in the Rescue Decks can dramatically improve survivability and growth rate to allow them to fit with their contemporary group. The Rescue Deck is designed for installation between two farrowing crates. Two Ascend Liquid Feeders are included, which can help reduce milk replacer waste. Other key features include plastic-coated wire flooring, a temperature regulator and a sliding lid.
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Veterinary Manual

Merck & Co., Inc. and Merial Limited announce the publication of the Ninth Edition of The Merck Veterinary Manual. Now in its 50th issue, the comprehensive reference edition addresses diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in companion, food and exotic animals. The collaborative work of more than 350 contributors, the Ninth Edition features 35 new chapters, 30 new tables and more than 400 new pages. The new manual costs $45 and is available at leading bookstores, by calling 877-762-2974 or by logging onto

Benchmarking Service

Now producers can compare their herds with PigChamp pork industry benchmarks. Beginning with 2004 year-end data, PigChamp is sending customized personal benchmarking reports to customers who send in their data. This allows PigChamp users to compare their herd performance to industry standards, thereby helping them identify potential areas of improvement. Besides the immediate benefit to PigChamp customers, the national benchmarking comparisons will provide industry influencers with a bird's eye view of key production indicators, helping them track pork production trends. PigChamp will continue their format each quarter, spotlighting different variables each time and providing analysis of a selected variable by John Deen, DVM, a well-known swine researcher at the University of Minnesota.
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Nutrient Management System

Nutrient Management System (NMS) from Ag-Chem application equipment, a division of AGCO Corporation, helps crop producers avoid high input costs, while better utilizing nutrients from area confinement livestock operations. The system offers precise application of liquid manure nutrients to the specifications of soil/crop needs. Co-op customers will appreciate cost savings and as-applied maps that show exactly what is applied and where. NMS toolbars inject and incorporate the manure at spacings as narrow as 7½ in. to reduce odor during application, maximize nitrogen stabilization in the soil and uniform crop uptake for even crop development.
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Barrel Adapter

The Barrel Adapter is the newest accessory from the Dosmatic product line. The adaptor is compact and will fit any standard drum up to 55 gal. Set up and removal is quick and easy, requiring only common hand tools. It is a universal adapter that can be easily moved from barrel to barrel, if necessary, thereby eliminating the need to transport the drum from location to location. Included is an extra long suction hose that will reach the bottom of a 55 gal. barrel. There is no need for electricity, allowing for mobilization of the adapter and unit to any location with a water source.
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RFID Software

PigSmart is the new swine breeding herd management software program from the Destron Fearing Division of Digital Angel Corporation. The software utilizes the Destron Fearing e.Tag and D-Tech Bluetooth Wireless reader to provide a radio frequency electronic identification system. PigSmart enables swine producers to benefit from the process of frictionless, paperless data capture, storage and analysis on a close to real-time basis.
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Injector Check Valve

Chemilizer Products, Inc. has updated its Viton Check Valve — a key component on all injectors. Following rigorous field tests, the new valve is documented to last five times longer than its predecessor and is now a standard component in all Chemilizer injector units purchased with a chlorine/medication chemical pump. Because Chemilizer injectors work as a diaphragm-driven water motor, time consuming prefiltration is not required. Additionally, use of a diaphragm eliminates need of a piston, which can scar or corrode, causing loss of accuracy and eventual motor failure.
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