Manure Tank

The Octaform Wall System from Octaform Systems is ideal for all agricultural uses, including worry-free liquid containment. The above-ground manure storage tanks are made from a PVC-engineered concrete-forming system that permanently stays in place. Once the tied rebar and concrete are in the forms, it creates a watertight system. Octaform tanks are usually circular with 10-in.-thick walls, 16 ft. high. A 4 million-gallon tank takes 1,000 man-hours to build. The compact packaging system allows the PVC components to be shipped on one flatbed truck.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Two Reproductive Vaccines

Intervet Inc. launches two swine vaccines for prevention of reproductive diseases caused by porcine parvovirus, leptospirosis and erysipelas. MaGESTic 7 and MaGESTic 8 provide at least 121 days of protection against erysipelas in a low-reactive 2-ml. dose. In clinical studies, 95% of vaccinates were protected from erysipelas challenge, while 90% of non-vaccinates developed acute disease, according to the company. The low reactivity in MaGESTic vaccines is due, in part, to the unique makeup of Intervet's proprietary SPUR adjuvant, which maximizes the immune response of all antigens, increasing efficacy and avoiding side effects. MaGESTic 7 and MaGESTic 8 also provide excellent protection for breeding-age swine against parvovirus infection, and prevent the spread of the virus to the fetuses of vaccinated pregnant swine. In clinical studies, 85% of pigs born to vaccinated swine were completely unaffected following parvovirus challenge, compared to only 21% of normal pigs born to non-vaccinated control sows, the company reports. In addition to the five common serovars of Leptospira in MaGESTic 7, MaGESTic 8 also protects against Leptospira bratislava. Both vaccines are administered intramuscularly to healthy gilts six weeks before breeding; revaccinate two to four weeks later.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Pneumonia Vaccine

Novartis Animal Health introduces PneumoSTAR Myco, the only one-shot, 1-ml. vaccine to aid in the prevention of Mycoplasmal pneumonia. Created with the proprietary ImmunSTAR adjuvant technology, PneumoSTAR Myco is formulated in a water-in-oil-in-water system. “This unique adjuvant technology provides an easily syringeable, more complete immune response and makes the product so effective as shown in multiple studies,” says Brad Bosworth, technical services veterinarian for Novartis. The technology was also used in the development of two other newly introduced one-shot, 1-ml. vaccines — PanSTAR Ery for use in healthy swine for prevention of erysipelas and PneumoSTAR SIV. The mycoplasma vaccine is effective for 23 weeks. Efficacy studies have demonstrated a 50% reduction in lung lesions at slaughter compared to non-vaccinated controls. Pigs can be vaccinated after 3 weeks of age.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Tire Pressure Monitor

Doran Manufacturing introduces the Doran PressurePro, a tire pressure monitoring system that continuously monitors pressure of all vehicle tires (including livestock trailers), and displays them in a digital readout in the vehicle's cab. The pressure of up to 34 tires is shown, allowing the driver to monitor leaks and schedule repairs or replacement without breakdowns or downtime. Audible and visual alerts notify the driver of low-pressure conditions. Doran PressurePro features duplicate signals that minimize the effects of electronic interference, weather and other trucks, making it ideal for use with livestock trailers and trucks and trailers of all sizes and types.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Pig Starter Line

UltraCare nutrition program is the new line of six pig starters from Land 'O Lakes Farmland Feed. The line includes a first-of-its kind gel that “imprints” the aroma of milk, which eases the stress of weaning and reduces postweaning lag. In trials, UltraCare Gel has demonstrated a dramatic reduction in postweaning weight loss when fed in the crate 2-3 days prior to weaning — a result attributed to helping keep weaning pigs hydrated, while providing essential nutrients. The other products in the line, UltraCare 200, 240, 300, 400 and 500, provide a complete feeding program for pigs from the farrowing crate to 50 lb. Each product was developed with MpD technologies, a new feed system that balances productivity and profitability through enhanced palatability and digestion efficiency.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Consulting Services

Cargill Animal Nutrition announces its Consulting Services, a broad array of feed management and animal production expertise and services for feed companies and animal integrators worldwide. With expert advisors in nutrition, engineering, financial procurement and other fields, Consulting Services will offer global resources and experience derived from Cargill's worldwide grain, feed, animal production and commodity trading businesses. Specialized expertise, local servicing and proprietary decision tools are offered.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)