Hydraulic Coupling System

Westendorf Manufacturing introduces the Hydra-Snap, a patented, multi-unit, high-pressure coupling system that allows the connection or disconnection of all hydraulic hoses in one quick motion. Each hydraulic hose is fastened to a self-aligning plate to create a hose assembly unit. The self-aligning plate is keyed so there is no way to ever get the hydraulic hoses mixed up. To disconnect, just rotate the lever 90° to release all the hoses. To reconnect the hoses, position the self-aligning plate into Hydra-Snap, keeping the lever at 90°. Once the hose assembly engages, simply push the lever to couple all the hoses in one smooth motion. The Hydra-Snap may be purchased with a Westendorf loader.
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Animal Management Software

HerdStar LLC announces the release of its strategic animal management software. HerdStar GF Pro is an integrated nursery, grow-finish database program designed to meet an industry need for a streamlined, comprehensive data management and analysis system that puts pork producers in control of their data in near real-time. The new software provides producers with the opportunity to improve data collection and assimilation by downloading feed use details from commercial and on-farm mills. Carcass data from processors can be downloaded, saving time and improving data accuracy. GF Pro also offers solutions to producers looking for ways to meet process verification, traceability and other compliance issues. The software is designed using Pork Quality Assurance Level III guidelines for creating audit trails and accountability.
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Semen, Embryo Shipper

CryoPort Systems, Inc. announces the CryoPorter AR1000, a liquid nitrogen, (LN2) dry vapor product designed for safe, reliable shipping of animal semen and embryos, cross-country or across the world. CryoPort says the new design is a significant improvement over their earlier model because it utilizes research and development advances from the aerospace industry and new material technology. Hexagonal in shape, the exterior housing of the AR1000 is made of durable plastic. The CryoPorter AR1000's unique, tip-safe design ensures nitrogen will not be lost during shipping, regardless of how the tank is handled. With an LN2 operating hold time of up to 16 days, its nitrogen capacity can endure even long-range international shipments.
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Energy and Water Saver

EMA Inc. has developed the Pumpmizer, a product specifically designed to control large irrigation pumps, saving energy and water. Many irrigation pumps in the U.S. run at a constant speed by either electric motors or diesel engines. The Pumpmizer is an environmentally hardened control which saves energy and water by varying the speed of the pump. By tightly controlling the amount of water pumped, producers can avoid excessive runoff and wasted water. Replacing diesel engines with high-efficiency electric motors and controls has allowed producers, in many instances, to qualify for a number of rebate programs, both from their local power company and the USDA, in addition to reducing their overall operating costs.
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Electrocoated Finish

Tarter Gate Co. introduces its American Farmland and Equestrian World brands featuring an electrocoated, or “e-coat,” finish. The new product provides a high-gloss, weather-resistant finish never before available on farm equipment. Superior to powder coat and liquid paint finishes, e-coat uses a process called cathodic deposition, where positively charged paint particles are attracted to negatively charged items to be painted. The instantaneous bond provided by this immersion coating system means there are no drips or runs, and the equipment receives 100% coverage every time. By incorporating much less iron into the depositing film than traditional coatings, e-coat also offers substantially improved corrosion resistance.
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Utility Tractor

The MF 431, a new 44-hp economy utility tractor from Massey Ferguson, is designed to meet the full-size tractor needs of limited-acreage farmers. The 1103C-33 Perkins engine with Fastram piston design is Tier II emission-compliant and fuel-efficient. The 3-cylinder, naturally-aspirated power plant produces 44 PTO hp at 2,200 rpm and features a rock-solid 8 forward × 2 reverse transmission that efficiently transfers power to the drive wheels. The center-shift levers are placed for easy access and smooth shifting. Like all Massey Ferguson tractors, the MF 431 is equipped with the Ferguson 3-point hitch.
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