Swine Trailers

EBY Trailer's TransPork series offers models up to 53 ft. long in either slat or punch-side designs. Both trailers offer maximum ventilation and are designed to assure easy cleanup. In addition to the standard industry options, EBY also offers custom-built trailers to meet the requirements of individual customers. All trailers have slip-resistant flooring, biosecurity features and strength and corrosion resistance.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Nutrition Supplement

Zinpro Corp. introduces MiCroPlex, an organic chromium feed ingredient recently cleared for use by the Food and Drug Administration. MiCroPlex (chromium-L-methionine), can be fed to all classes of swine. A patented complexing technology allows MiCroPlex to offer greater bioavailability and proven function, better value and greater potential net return for pork producers than current chromium feeding sources, the company claims. MiCroPlex is the only chromium source cleared for use in swine diets up to 400 ppb., providing producers greater flexibility in feeding programs, including greater chromium fortification in gestation sow diets during periods of depressed intake and for developing gilts. Supplemental chromium helps meet swine dietary requirements and enhance energy metabolism to improve sow and wean-to-finish performance. It has also been shown to aid in the improvement of carcass quality.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Feed Additive

BioPlus 2B is a direct-fed microbial feed additive from Chr. Hansen Inc. BioPlus 2B offers consistent improvement in weaned pig performance with and without antibiotics. Research has shown improvements in average daily gain of 4-7% at a cost of 10¢/pig, resulting in up to a 10:1 return on investment, according to the company. BioPlus 2B is the first microbial feed additive to receive final approval from the European Union. The product consists of two live, naturally occurring microorganisms proven effective in aiding digestibility and feed utilization. The enzymes break down starches, proteins and fats into smaller, more easily digested nutrients for better performance and efficiency in the nursery diet.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Injectable Penicillin

Ultrapen (sterile penicillin G procaine) is a new brand of injectable penicillin from Hanford Pharmaceuticals, available in 100, 250 and 500 ml sizes. Ultrapen is the product of an improved process which Hanford trademarked, MicroSuspension II. It is based on an exclusive, three-step blending process. The company says the process doubles the key step which insures that Ultrapen will instantly resuspend for the life of the product.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Artificial Insemination Tool

AbsoluteSow and AbsoluteGilt from Absolute Insemination are soft, pliable, non-intrusive, safe and effective insemination rods, usable by virtually anyone currently performing conventional artificial insemination. Absolute rods do not push their way through delicate tissue areas. Instead, they “balloon” safely through the cervical tract. The tip of the balloon resembles a donut, and when pressure is applied, the tip gently opens a passageway and draws new material from inside the catheter to feed its growing length. Not only do Absolute rods traverse the cervix, penetration into uterine horns is possible in some species.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Rodent Control

Gladiator from Agrisel USA is an EPA-approved neurotoxin for anticoagulant-resistant rodents. A single dose is lethal to rodents, including the Norway rat, the roof rat and the house mouse, but it is safe for pets and animals. After consumption of Gladiator, results are achieved within one or two days. According to the company, these immediate effects require 400% less bait for the same results.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Overhead Washing System

The HurriTrain from Swine Robotics Inc. cleans around most any barn obstacle and is designed to accommodate the needs of virtually any operation. The HurriTrain runs on a rail system along the ceiling of the barn and works with existing pressure washing systems. It comes with 100 to 400 ft. of hose, depending on the needs of the operation.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

Acid Barn Cleaner

BioSentry introduces Acid Barn Cleaner, a concentrated, non-chlorinated, acidified cleaner for use in swine facilities to clean walls, floors, crates, slats, pens, feeders, drinkers and transport equipment. Repeated use of conventional alkaline cleaners tends to leave behind hard water (mineral) deposits, especially if soap-scum-forming saponified soaps are used. Acid Barn Cleaner effectively removes all scale, mineral deposits, scum and biofilms, thus preparing surfaces for more effective disinfection, says the company.
(Circle Reply Card No. 108)