Organic Drying Product

France-based Olmix introduces Mistral, an organic drying product capable of absorbing practically its weight in liquid. This unique blend of seaweeds, alginates, diatomic earth, natural desiccants, (a drying agent), and essential oils is non-aggressive in action and does not burn. The company says that dunking piglets in Mistral immediately after birth reduces the risk of chilling, speeds drying of the umbilical cord, promotes suckling quicker and leads to faster growth. The product helps keep creep areas dry, reduces ammonia and odors, and is said to substantially reduce fighting.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Durable Gilt Line

PIC USA announces the launch of the new Camborough 23 gilt, developed for producers seeking greater sow durability and longevity. The Camborough line is known for its mothering ability and prolificacy. Line 23 adds greater environmental and management flexibility. The gilt was bred in severe environmental conditions behind the Iron Curtain, often in outside areas, explains Bill Christianson, technical director of Genetic Development for PIC. The line produces terminal progeny with very competitive growth rates, feed conversions and lean content values, as well as excellent meat quality. In comparative trials in eight commercial farms in the U.S., Camborough 23 has met or exceeded Camborough 22 in the areas of gilt development, farrowing rates, feed cost, maternal characteristics, wean-to-estrus interval and durability. The gilts are currently available from five multiplier farms.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Feed System Software

Agrotronix announces the release of its FCC2200 Feedpro Command Center software to control its Feedpro continuous-flow feed mixing system. This software package controls the operation of the feed-making process by controlling several types of metering units including continuous-flow by weight units, a loss-in-weight premix metering unit and the LX800 loss-in-weight premix mixer/metering unit. It also allows ration maintenance, provides ingredient inventory tracking, and permits complete feed records to be kept on a personal computer running Windows software.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Bulk Bag Handling System

Easy Automation Inc. announces the release of its new and improved bulk bag handling system. This system features a ring adapter bottom to provide for easy attachment of common bulk bin-style auger boots and augers. The system also features an easily adjustable side shelf to adjust for bag size.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Sow Stall

Dallas Mfg. introduces the 3D Pig Thing, a new design for handling sows from gestation through lactation. The concept is designed to address animal welfare concerns and provide maneuverable space for sows during confinement. The floor area is adjustable from 35 sq. ft. to 42 sq. ft., depending on the size of the sows. Two telescopic sliding interior gates provide a series of settings such as: opened wide during gestation, giving the sow full floor area; set in parallel during the sow's farrowing period; or open with protected corner creep area giving the sow 80% of the floor space during lactation.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Manure Monitoring System

Phason introduces Omni-Manure, an automatic manure level monitoring system. The system constantly monitors manure levels without human intervention (lagoon, above-ground tank or under-slat storage pit). Omni-Manure determines the amount of manure accumulating over time by measuring the change in manure levels each day. Using this data, it estimates when the reservoir will be full. The system's charts and reports can provide early warning of leaks or high manure levels and proof of past manure levels. Information from Omni-Manure can also help producers plan and schedule manure spreading.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)


Agri-Pro Enterprises announces the availability of the Lock ā€˜Nā€™ Load syringe from Instrument Supplies. The syringe provides multiple dosing with two sizes, 20 ml. and 50 ml. The 20 ml. syringe delivers increments of 0.5 ml. to 5.0 ml. And the 50 ml. offers increments of 1.0 ml. to 5.0 ml. The syringe features metal and poly materials giving it a comfortable, lightweight and durable construction made to withstand heavy use with non-corrosive metal shafts. The Lock ā€˜Nā€™ Load is easy to load and prime, features a reverse dosing dial selector and a cap for simple needle placement and removal.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)