Radiant Heater

The Infraconic I-3 has been added to the line of radiant heaters sold by L.B. White Company, Inc. The 3,000 Btu/hr model is specifically designed for farrowing operations. Installed over the farrowing crate divider, the I-3 allows growers to provide optimal temperature. It also offers a 25% fuel savings over conventional heat lamps. The I-3 comes in natural gas and propane gas models, requiring no electricity for operation.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Lagoon Aeration System

Available from Aeromix Systems Inc. is the Tornado Surface Aspirating Aerator, shown to significantly reduce odor in tests conducted by the University of Minnesota, the company says. Two, 5-hp Tornado aerators were tested in a lagoon at a large confinement system in southern Minnesota. The aerators were sized to provide an air cap or aerobic zone on top of the basin, while the bottom remained undisturbed and anaerobic. This treatment method is used successfully at municipal wastewater facilities. Odors were reduced up to 75% and hydrogen sulfide levels by as much as 90%.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Organic Selenium

SelenoSource is a premium source of organic selenium to improve animal nutrition, introduced by Diamond V Mills. Organic selenium is more biologically available to the animal than inorganic sources, and more readily supports selenium-dependent bodily functions and reduce selenium toxicity. SelenoSource is a quality, high selenium yeast product produced with living organisms, according to the company. Its greater bioavailability reduces soil and water contamination through fecal excretion.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Selenium, Protein Products

Agritronics Corporation is offering two new swine nutritional advancements. Agritronics Breeder Base contains the research-proven Selenomethionine, a new organic form of selenium, for an inclusion rate of 90 lb./ton in sow diets. Research indicates an improvement in a sow's productive life beyond second parity and a drop in preweaning mortality. The second product, Nupro, is a non-animal protein developed from yeast extract. The program is fed only during the nursery period, improving the intestinal tract and resulting in less mortality during the grow-finish period, higher daily gains, and reduced time to market.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Aluminum Welding Kit

Wire Propellant Systems has developed kits for standard wire feed MIG welders that allow them to effectively weld aluminum without the need for an expensive spool gun or push-pull system. The kit installs in about 15 minutes. It produces high-quality aluminum welds with professional results, without excessive burn backs into the contact tip and nested wire in the drive rollers. Kits are available for 220-volt welders and 120-volt welders.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Grease Fittings, Joint Cleaner

Open clogged grease fittings and loosen hardened grease in joints with the Grease Fitting Cleaner from Innovative Products of America. It forces light oil into the joint, loosening up hard grease and allowing new grease to be pushed in.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Dry Organic Acidifier

Kemin America, Inc. announces Acid Lac SP dry organic acidifier into the U.S. marketplace. Designed for use in swine and poultry diets, Acid Lac SP was formulated based on extensive research by the company in Europe and around the world. Organic acids have been shown to have a bactericidal effect, although not all organic acids provide equal efficacy.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

Automated Feed Processing Controls

WEM4000 on-farm batching controls from Wisconsin Electrical Manufacturing Company, Inc. include group feeding programs and records. The system controls up to four scales with unlimited ingredients. It is easy to operate and maintain and will interface with your accounting system.
(Circle Reply Card. No. 108)