Feed Bin Actuators

Automatic and manual feed bin boot slide actuators to open and close bin boot slides have been introduced by Chore-Time. Both slide operators allow producers to access the bin boot shut-off slide without having to physically crawl under, around or through the feed bin legs and hopper support bracing system. Both versions can be used on straight-out or 30-degree (incline angle) boots and feature a reliable rack-and-pinion design that provides simple and trouble-free operation of the bin boot's shut-off slide.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

All-Wheel Loader

Bobcat Company has released the revolutionary A220 All-Wheel Steer Loader with skid-steer capabilities. It is the first loader of its kind to offer selectable steering modes (all-wheel steer, skid steer). Other features of the A220 include a two-speed travel option, low-effort joystick controls, a low-speed/high-torque “inching” mode, foot pedal accelerator and a rated operating capacity of 2,200 lb.
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Detectable Needles

The new D3 Detectable Needles, from Neogen Corporation, combine superior strength with a cannula that is actually detectable should it break off in the animal. The needles' thicker cannula and metal hub make them three times stronger than other needle brands, says the company.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)

Needle Injectors

Agri-Pro Enterprises introduces two injectors. The 5 ml. Vax'm Injector is made for high-volume situations and features a dial-the-dose system. The new BMV (Bottle Mount Vaccinator) adjusts from 0.2 ml to 2.0 ml and holds up to a 100 cc. vial. It mounts up to a full 360°. Both models feature the NRG Cap, the metal insert for luer-lock needles, making needle attachment and release easy. Both are available in 0.5 ml increments.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Grow/Finish Premixes

Vigortone has developed two new grower and finisher premixes that maximize the efficiency of phytase feeding for various weight pigs. The products also meet some of today's environmental concerns by reducing phosphorus excretion from the pig. The North Dakota State University Swine Research Center, in conjunction with Vigortone, recently conducted two separate experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of a reduced phosphorus with phytase diet, compared to a control diet of higher phosphorus with no phytase. The data supported the use of phytase and decreased phosphorus in swine rations.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Ammonia Removal System

The Bio2-Bloc system designed to remove the organics and ammonia from wastewater, is introduced by FBC Technologies, Inc. The Bio2-Bloc system uses the Submerged Attached Growth Bioreactor (SAGB) to provide a hospitable environment for nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria, which thrive on ammonia. The system is fitted with an aeration system, warming the biomass during cooler weather, and keeping the conversion of ammonia at a brisk pace, even down to temperatures as cold as — 4°C. The system's floating stainless steel modules can be quickly installed in any treatment pond.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Gas Monitor

The MDA Scientific Model SPM measures hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. The monitor is portable and can trigger alarms or activate ventilation systems when gas levels exceed recommended or legislated levels. It is sensitive to very small ppb levels and provides physical evidence of excessive gas levels for documentation purposes.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

Rodent Control

Liphatech, Inc. recently added Gunslinger to its line of rodenticides. Made with the active ingredient Bromethalin, Gunslinger effectively controls rodents resistant to anticoagulants. The product is effective on Norway rats, roof rats and house mice, and is available in both pellet place packets and mini-blocks.
(Circle Reply Card No. 108)